Mom Between Cultures: Arab-Islamic & American

by Janan Zaitoun

What’s Eating You?

Eating healthier has been on my mind lately, because of my 21-month-old daughter. Just like most moms, I too find it difficult to keep the junk food away from my … Continue reading

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After 18-Years of My Grandfather’s Passing, I Hear His Voice on WhatsApp

I was checking my messages on my phone, when I noticed 12 notifications from my WhatsApp. When I opened the “Rabeeha Girls” group—a group I named after my late paternal … Continue reading

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“Living on One Dollar”: is Living on Other People’s Kindness

I love going to the dollar store. The minute my foot is in the door, I feel like I’m three again. If I like it, I want it—now. The best … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Mother Raising a Bilingual Toddler

Last week, I was thrilled when my 19-month old daughter, Aisha, correctly pointed at the giraffe, elephant, bear and bird when I asked her where they were in “The Little … Continue reading

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Raising an Arab Child to Become Bilingual in the West

Raising an Arab child living in the West to become bilingual can cause constant rewiring to the brain for both children and parents. The child is always processing two languages: … Continue reading

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The Growing Trend of Islamic Weekend Schools in Massachusetts, USA

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Are You a Hijabby or a Hijatty?

  Faten Ramadan is the founder and designer of Fetoun—the latest no-pin headscarf for Muslim women. She designed a revolutionary head piece, which includes 27 parts as opposed to the … Continue reading

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